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Our Advanced Human Resources (AHR) simplifies any filing needs your business may have. Using digitalized filing allows any hiring, company and employee paperwork to be stored safely, and provides employers the ability to view anything with ease.

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What the AHR package offers:

  • Employee record retention
  • Automated onboarding
  • Automated health insurance enrollment
  • Company notification
  • Certification notification
  • Automated payroll system

Frequently Asked Questions:

AHR is accessible through an employer dashboard. The dashboard gives the employer access to multiple options and abilities, depending on what services were chosen. Additionally, multiple people can have access to the dashboard with differing levels of security to see and manage items only applicable to them.

AHR is a human capital management component. Using AHR can help manage employee onboarding and termination, electronically perform health insurance open enrollment and manage employee files and reviews.

Too often all of these functions are being completed on different programs, or worse, manually. AHR is a way to streamline and organize these human capital functions.

Payroll Processing, Time Tracking and AHR operate together seamlessly. If a company is using AHR and Time Tracking along with Payroll Processing, all information is automatically transferred between platforms. For example, health benefits entered in the AHR system automatically transfer to the payroll system to calculate deductions.