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Our full service Payroll Processing offers a variety of services so you no longer have to worry about the hassle of handling payroll. By offering fully electronic services, everything you need to know regarding your businesses payroll is at your fingertips.

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What the Payroll Processing package offers:

  • Direct deposit
  • ACH tax payments
  • Quarterly/annual tax filings – W-2’s
  • Electronic employer submissions
  • Electronic employee portals
  • Dedicated client service support
  • PTO tracking and reporting
  • New hire tracking
  • GL reporting

Frequently Asked Questions:

Payroll pricing is based on the size of the organization and the frequency of payroll. No company is exactly the same, so our pricing method follows the same logic. In addition to the standard service prices, there are add on services that play into determining the cost as well.

DH is a full service payroll company offering solutions in Payroll Processing, Human Capital Management and Time Tracking. In addition, DH payroll provides consistent costumer service through our team of payroll specialists.

Quarterly tax filings are included in the standard service and are done automatically by our team. Year end returns and W-2’s are also processed automatically like the quarterly tax filings.

Employers can access payroll on their own secure portal. From there they can enter payroll, review, submit and receive reports. Employees will also have access to their own secure portal where they can receive paystubs and year end W-2’s.

Payroll Processing, AHR and Time Tracking operate together seamlessly. If a company is using all three, the information is automatically transferred between platforms. For example, health benefits entered in the AHR system will automatically transfer to the payroll system to calculate deductions.