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With the use of digitalized Time Tracking, employers can automatically see employee time cards from anywhere they are. This is beneficial particularly for employers who do not work in the same vicinity as their employees. By simply logging on in the app or online, you can see when and where employees clocked-in and out, as well as any employee documentation and reporting.

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What the Time Tracking package offers:

  • Web/app based employee punch-in
  • Employer overview and reports
  • Geo-fencing of employee clock-in
  • Automation to payroll system

Frequently Asked Questions:

Time Tracking is a web or mobile based location where employees, or a central manager, can enter clock-in and out times every day. From there a manager can review and check that all times have been entered and know when and where the time was submitted. Once the time is confirmed at the end of the pay period, the data is transferred to the payroll system for processing.

Employers have a central web location to manage their direct team or the entire organization. If the company is using the AHR system, employers can access this from the main AHR dashboard. Employees can enter their time either online or a mobile app (up to the preference of the company).

For many businesses, employees are not in the same location or they are working remotely on projects. To accurately keep track of employee time inputs, Time Tracking helps to manage and organize these items while integrating the information with the payroll platform.

Time Tracking integrates with the payroll platform so there is no need for double entry. Once times are approved in Time Tracking, the data will transfer to payroll to be prepared.

Payroll Processing, AHR and Time Tracking operate together seamlessly. If a company is using all three services, the information is automatically transferred between platforms. For example, health benefits entered in the AHR system will automatically transfer to the payroll system to calculate deductions.